“Free To Play” MMO’s, Lesson One: Ads

This is part one of a series of articles I’m writing about the “Free To Play”/Korean/Anime style MMOG’s you see all over the place.

Lesson One: Advertisements.

This is an easy one, just put a half-naked anime chick and the name of the game and you’re pretty much good to go.

(Names blurred out to protect the innocent)

  • Example A:


  • Example B:


Likewise, if you want to market the game to a different, more action oriented crowd, just add scantly clad ‘armored’ anime chicks.

  • Example C:


  • Example D:


  • Example E:


Finally, if you want to increase your overall ad clicks, just add multiple half-naked anime chicks.

  • Example F:


Remember, the more skin showing, the better the game is. Only thing left is to make the spell effects twice as flashy and annoying as before.


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