By melanko

Welcome to Melanko’s Gamer Blog.

My name is Aaron ‘melanko’ Lord. I’m a gamer, PC enthusiast, web designer, and overall nice guy. I live in the Bay Area, CA where I am happily married.

Gaming has always had a place in my heart. Ever since the early days of the original NES (or Famicon for you purists), I always had video gaming on my mind. Now a days, gaming is my hobby, my job, and I love to play whenever I can. Primarily I am a PC Gamer, but console gaming has its perks. I currently work for Namco Bandai Games American Inc. where I a test video games for forty hours a week and enjoy doing so greatly.

But there is more to gaming than one might think. A good game can instill sheer and unadulterated emotion in its players, from anger to sadness to happiness. This has brought me to a quest of sorts. To find the games that have made an impression on myself, and bring them into the light. Whether it be a game from my past, present, or future, I think they all deserve time in the limelight.

That’s not to say that I’ve played every game there is to play. I’m looking to go back in time and play any games that I may have skipped over that I would have otherwise loved, no matter how old it may be. I’m looking to have a couple of epiphanies and extremes of emotion. If you have a game you would like to suggest to me to play, feel free to leave me comments.

Other than that, I’m also a huge PC power user, an avid Hookah enthusiast, and a Sharks hockey fan.


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