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Max Payne 3 Details

max payne 3

According to the newest issue of Game Informer, Max Payne 3 will be set 12 years after Max Payne 2 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The storyline follows Max Payne once more after he left New York city to get away from everything, and now works as security for a wealthy family in Brazil. It’s also said that he is addicted to painkillers (seems appropriate) which will have some kind of impact on the gameplay. It will feature a new cover system and will be using Rockstar’s RAGE engine (same used in Grand Theft Auto 4), and will also feature more destructable environments and online multiplayer.

I was a big fan of the original two games in the series so I am looking forward to part 3.


E3 09′: Crysis 2 Confirmed

crysisElectronics Arts and Crytek announced that Crysis 2 is indeed under development for PC, XBOX360, and PlayStation 3.  No info has been released about what the setting or time line is, but it will be using the latest CryEnging 3 tech. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out to be another video card destroyer.

[Giant Bomb]


E3 09′: Final Fantasy XIV


Squenix announced today the next RPG in the Final Fantasy line will actually be a MMO for both the PC and PS3, Final Fantasy XIV. So far what the trailer has showed me is that it will be based in the same world as Final Fantasy XI but obviously updated. I’m not a fan of FFXI personally, so I sincerely hope they don’t take the gameplay down the same path for FFXIV.



E3 09′: Left 4 Dead 2


Just annouced from Valve Software, Left 4 Dead 2. Due out this November, it will feature a new cast, new location, more detailed zombies, and new weapons including an assortment of melee weapons (including a chainsaw, yummm). I’m slightly questionable about a new Left 4 Dead, just one year after the original, but I’m keeping an open mind.



E3 09′: Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition

secretmonkeyJust annouced at E3 09′  from LucasArts, the remake of the original Secret of Monkey Island. I’m a huge fan of the Moneky Island series and all of the classic LucasArts adventure games. The remake stays completely faithfull to the original with high-res graphics, updated audio and voice acting. And while in gameplay, you can switch between the original game’s graphics and audio on the fly. Very cool stuff and is definitely on my radar.

I really hope this will start a trend from LucasArts to begin re-releasing their classics.

[GameSpot E3]


3D Realms closes its doors.


Kicking ass and chewing bubble gum, but 3D Realms has appeared to have run outta funds.

In what seems like the kick in the groin of the already down and out Duke Nukem, it has been confirmed by multiple sources that the once great FPS kings 3D Realms has closed their doors and has sent their employees home. Now it seems that we may never get to actually see Duke Nukem Forever for reals.

Take Two has already commented saying they never funded the development of DNF but still holds the publishing rights. It would seem like a real waste of time and resources just to scrape DNF for good. I just hope that if DNF does go back into development, we don’t have to wait another 12 years.



Shadowbane closing servers on July 1st.



Word has come down from Ubisoft that the severs for Shadowbane will officially be closed on July 1st 2009, permanently [Press Release]. Previously set as May 1st, it has been extended for two months, so now is a great time to check it out if you’ve never tried it. It’s absolutely free to make an account and download the game. I know I will be.

Admittedly, I never got far in Shadowbane (barely beyond the starting areas). I followed the game during its development cycle but was saddened when it came out to bad reviews. Shadowbane was stricken with poor graphics (even for its time), a clunky interface, and was bug ridden. But what Shadowbane did correctly was be the first MMO since Ultima Online to actually capture the true open PvP vibe. It was full open PvP and guild city building and seiges. When it was in its prime it was considered one of the finest PvP centered MMO’s available. Unfortunately that time came around the WoW era. Another great MMO taken down by theme-park garbage MMO’s.

Get more Shadowbane info at Shadowbane Chonicles.