By melanko

Mortal Online: MMORPG from developer Star Vault. My number one game on my radar. Free-for-all PvP with consequenece, full loot, skill based progression, real time combat, guild cities, sandbox world. Best way to compare it is think of World of Warcraft as a genre, then stop the similarties there. Completely different type of game. Check out the beta trailer on the main site and sign up for the beta. Also sign up for the forums and help shape this game into the ultimate MMO!

Prototype:  A brand new open-world action game from Radical Entertainment and Activison. You play the role of Alex Mercer, a shape-shifter with incredible powers. Your goal is to unravel what has happend to yourself and to combat a genetic altering virus that has taken root in New York City. All the while battling the Armed Military Forces that see you as an infected. This game basically takes the winning formula of a Grand Theft Auto style world and turns it on its head. You can shape-shift into many forms, disguise yourself as your enemies, make flying leaps, and run up the sides of buildings. You can see a trailer here and an explanation of some of its mission types. Looks totally bad ass.

Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition: Remake of the classic from LucasArts.


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